Save More & Earn More with RetailMeNot


RetailMeNot has an amazing promotion going on right now. Not only is the website an incredible way to save money, especially for the holidays, but now they will actually give you money to shop. ReatilMeNot is giving all of their members the chance to earn either a $5 gift card or a $10 gift card just for taking advantage of coupons listed on their site. Make 2 purchases of at least $10 to receive a $5 gift card and 3 purchases to earn the $10 gift card. The gift cards can be redeemed through hundreds of stores that are listed on the website. The earn period ends 12/31/13.

To activate the promotion, log in or sign up for RetailMeNot, and click the “Save More. Earn More” bulletin.

Visit RetailMeNot to learn more.


One thought on “Save More & Earn More with RetailMeNot

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