Fair Trade Certified™ coffee

Green Mountain Coffee - Fair Trade Certified

Being a Bzz Agent has allowed for me to experience the great flavors of Three Continent Blend by Green Mountain Coffee. And while I was able to enjoy a great cup of coffee, I was also able to learn about the advantages of choosing Fair Trade.

Many of you may have seen the Fair Trade Certified logos stamped on your coffees, teas, and chocolates, and not have known what it meant; I didn’t until a few weeks ago.  It is a movement that spans across 70 different countries. Giving fair wages to farmers of third world countries, Fair Trade provides reasonable prices for farmer produce. The farmers are taught how to build a sustainable business and the practices that they learn are then used to help improve their communities. The impact of Fair Trade helps support education, fight poverty and provide healthcare within their neighborhoods.

Now that I’ve learned of the benefits of Fair Trade, I will be sure to look for the little logo on select products to help farmers and communities of developing countries.

Go to ChooseFairTrade.com to learn more.